Sleuth (1972) dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz

An eccentric and enormously wealthy writer of crime fiction invites his wife’s lover, setting him up for an elaborate game of wit and deception. A grandiose mystery masterpiece which keeps the viewer on edge from beginning to end.
Cunning, deceptive and twisting plot, adorned with outstandingly witty and well-delivered dialogue.
Sleuth is an experience like no other – a cross between a murder mystery, a cat-and-mouse thriller, an Agatha Christie novel and a cinematic chess game. Mankiewicz’s direction received a well-deserved standing ovation, the performances by two of Britain’s greatest master actors are magnificent.
Received four Oscar nominations.  Based on the Tony award-winning play of the same name by Anthony Shaffer.

Sleuth Cast:  Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine,  Alec Cawthorne,  John Matthews, Eve Channing, Teddy Martin