Rabid Dogs (1974) dir. Mario Bava

Cani arrabbiati, a.k.a Kidnapped : A group of robbers on the run kidnap a young woman, a man and his sick child in hopes of escaping the police.One of the last films of Italian director Mario Bava, best known for his outstanding work in the Giallo genre. Due to production and financial problems, the project remained unfinished for 20 years, yet was met with acclaim upon it’s release in the 1990’s.
Claustrophobic and breathtaking, from the beginning until it’s remarkable ending. Despite the lack of resources and all production hassles, Bava’s directorial mastery shines. What seems like a simple plot at first spirals into complications and is ultimately resolved.
Good performances all around. A handheld, moving, almost documentary stylistic.
A great Hidden Gem film that is definitely worthy of your time. Very similar to the Eurocrime and Poliziotteschi genre films, popular at the time.

EDIT: This article originally and mistakenly stated that it was the last film of Mario Bava. He has two directorial credits after 1974 – 1977’s Shock and 1979’s La Venere d’Ille (The Venus of the Island). Apologies to our readers for the lapse in accuracy!

Rabid Dogs Cast: Lea Lander, George Eastman, Riccardo Cucciolla, Maurice Poli, Aldo Caponi

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071275/

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