Kinatay (2009) dir. Brillante Mendoza

(Butchered, The Execution of P) Just after getting married, a young police academy student gets involved with a ruthless crime syndicate. Over the course of 24 hours, the tensions and plot escalate, posing ethical questions to the viewer and leaving much open to contemplation. Winner of  the Best Director Award at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.
A very well directed film throughout – at times ruthless and coarse, definitely memorable. A multi-genre piece, can be described as a thriller or a drama, and in some cases – a horror. Tells an interesting coming-of-age morality story in a very artistic manner. Low light realist and “documentarian” cinematography, quick editing and fine direction.
Received with much critical acclaim and applause (including Quentin Tarantino), however Kinatay is not without it’s detractors – Roger Ebert, for one.

Kinatay Cast: Coco Martin, John Regala, Maria Isabel Lopez, Julio Diaz, Jhong Hilario, Mercedes Cabral