Jeanne Moreau on Buñuel, Welles, Godard, Burt Lancaster and more…

The iconic French actress Jeanne Moreau (23 January 1928 – 31 July 2017) recently passed away, leaving behind a legacy of outstanding films and performances with some of the greatest filmmakers and actors in cinema. We have found excerpts from her interviews, with what she had to say about such names as Luis Buñuel, Jean-Luc Godard, Orson Welles and others.

on Luis Buñuel​: “I consider him my Spanish father, and I called him that. He said, ‘If you had been my daughter, I’d have tied you up and kept you behind bars.’…We met simply because of box-office considerations – he didn’t know what actress he wanted for Le Journal D’Une Femme De Chambre, and the producers offered me. We met in an apartment in St. Tropez and enjoyed so much being together that we also had dinner. He was a fantastic person.”

Luis Bunuel and Jeanne Moreau

on Orson Welles​: “He transformed a town square in Spain into a Chinese marketplace. To me, that’s what film is about – magic!”

Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau and Anthony Perkins. Paris, March 23, 1962. (AP Photo)

Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau and Anthony Perkins. Paris, March 23, 1962. (AP Photo)

on Joseph Losey​: “I love the way he films; it’s very personal, very brilliant.”

on Michaelangelo Antonioni​: “He was a whole different experience. He doesn’t speak at all to he actors. We filmed at night. I couldn’t understand why we should be down on the set – but the result was good.”

Antonioni and Jeanne Moreau on set of La Notte

Antonioni and Jeanne Moreau on set of La Notte

on Martin Ritt​: “That was a different experience for

me. He would cover everything – closeups, medium shots, long shots, very few tracking shots. It took ages and ages to make a sequence, and I was used to working with people who did a sequence – and covered four pages – in one movement. So, I learned a new way of shooting.”

on Rainer Werner Fassbinder​: “It was his ex-wife that told me he wanted me to be in the film. The picture was done in 24 days. Immediately, when I was on the set, I could feel his willpower. He was perfect in terms of creativity!”

Moreau in Querelle

Moreau in Querelle

on Peter Brook​: “His approach is sometimes quite frightening because he reaches that part of you he wants to be sensitive – and it opens up incredible things.”

on Jean-Luc Godard​: “I asked for him as the director of “Eva.” He signed the contract and was paid some money; he was supposed to deliver a first draft in four weeks time. He eventually sent it – in a one page letter! The producers screamed, ‘Where did you get that crazy bum?’ So, then I recommended Joe Losey”

on Burt Lancaster​ (after filming The Train): “Before he can pick up an ashtray, he discusses the motivation for an hour or two. You want to say just pick up the ashtray and shut up!” (In 1983 Moreau thinks her remarks were unfair to Lancaster.)

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