Short Film: Doodlebug (1997) dir. Christopher Nolan

In our newest series of articles, MustSeeCinema will be recommending some must-watch short films. You can watch them at your leisure below, in the embedded video player. They will be eclectically chosen based on their historic and cultural significance, as well as their entertainment and philosophical values. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more superb Short Film Recommendations!

Before his “breakout” films Following and Memento, Christopher Nolan directed this masterpiece psychological short film – Doodlebug. The depths of a man’s psyche are explored through the simple story of him trying to catch a bug, running around in his filthy apartment. Made on a shoestring budget (as was his first feature, Following) during his studies in English literature. In just under 3 minutes, Nolan is able to display his huge talents as a filmmaker, creating an unstable atmosphere and claustrophobic tension. A mandatory viewing for any film buff, student, admirer and critic of Nolan’s, without a doubt one of the most prominent directors working today.

Cast: Jeremy Theobald

Written by: Christopher Nolan

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