Blue Velvet (1986) dir. David Lynch

After coming back to his hometown, a young man finds a severed human ear, which leads him to an investigation into the darkest parts of their small town (and his own mind). A marvelous surrealist psychological thriller from the genius that is David Lynch. A film full of symbolism and mystery that delves into the human mind like only a Lynch piece can. Strange, unnerving, unsettling and memorable.
Features a superb performance from Isabella Rossellini, excellent supporting roles from Dennis Hopper and Dean Stockwell. Kyle MacLachlan als does well as our protagonist, Jeffrey.
Fantastic soundtrack, composed by Angelo Badalamenti, featuring the Bobby Vinton’s Blue Velvet and Roy Orbison’s In Dreams.
Oscar nominee for “Best Director”, the film has since become a Cult Classic.

Blue Velvet Cast:  Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern, Dean Stockwell, Jack Nance



Blue Velvet

Dennis Hopper (Frank) and Dean Stockwell (Ben)

Blue Velvet

Isabella Rossellini as Dorothy in Blue Velvet