Angst (1983), dir. Gerald Kargl

An intimate and gruesome portrait of a psychotic serial killer, just released from prison. A look at the root of the most evil and darkest corners of the human condition. Celebrated for it’s innovative and genius choice of camera angles and piercing imagery. Marvelous acting from lead Erwin Leder, coupled with a piercing soundtrack from Klaus Schulze. A Hidden gem of Austrian cinema.
One of the two films that inspired Argentine director Gaspar Noé and his emblematic picture Irreversible. Must-watch for anyone who can stand extreme violence and appreciates a psychological dissection of the mind of the Most Evil. Based on several true murderers and their confessions.
Unfortunately, this is the first and last picture from Austrian auteur director Gerald Kargl.

Warning: very graphic violence.

Cast: Erwin Leder, Silvia Rabenreither, Edith Rosset, Rudolf Götz